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I offer a number of different reading services which you can find out more about and book below. Let's make some magic. 


Tarot Readings

Whether you've got a burning question or just need a spiritual check-in, I offer a range of insightful readings to help you explore where you're at.

Practical Magic

My practical magic sessions combine my tarot readings with accessible spell and ritual recommendations that help you direct your focus and energy where it's most needed.   


Zoom parties with the gang starting to feel a bit stale? I can bring some magic back to your circle with group readings, spells and good old fashioned witchy fun.

White Satin

Ask a Witch

Got a question about magic, witchcraft or tarot? I have years of experience and expertise so book a session for guidance, insight and information.



"I've followed Tarot readers in the past and honestly just not understood the terms they used, so having it all explained made me feel really comfortable. I know exactly what to do now and I'll definitely be back for another reading!"


✨My Policies✨



✨I want Tarot and magic to be safe and inclusive. If there is anything that might trigger you or if I can support you in any way then please let me know in advance of the reading.


✨I can't tell your future, give you therapy or promise to fix all your problems. If you need mental health support then please get in touch with your medical provider. 

✨If you become abusive during a reading then I reserve the right to stop the reading at any time without reimbursing you.

✨If you miss your reading, you will not be reimbursed. 

✨You can get in touch to reschedule your reading for free within 24 hours of you booking.

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