The Homebrew Tarot Course

Enrolment is currently open for the next cohort starting on the 27th September at 6pm London Time.

Tarot is an incredible tool for helping you find clarity and for developing your connection to your own intuition. But it's sometimes difficult to know where to begin.


This 8 week course was designed by me to be everything that I wish that I had had when I first started reading Tarot. It won’t ‘teach’ you Tarot. By introducing you to a wide range of concepts from astrology to art history, It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to read tarot your own way.


By the end of the 8 weeks, you'll know all the standard 78 cards in a tarot deck and be able to confidently read tarot for yourself and your friends. 


The 8 week, live course includes:

  • Live, interactive classes every week with a small supportive cohort.

  • Access to me throughout the 8 weeks to ask questions and receive guidance in between sessions.

  • Detailed, written guides and workbooks for every session.

  • Access to a secret facebook group and an amazing tarot community.


Across the 8 weeks we will cover:

  • Introduction to basic occult concepts (including astrology, numerology, colour magic, theology etc) that relate to Tarot.

  • A close reading of every card in a standard 78 card tarot deck. 

  • An introduction to reading Tarot for yourself and your friends and creating your own regular Tarot practice.

The Homebrew Tarot course is both for beginners and those who are more experienced and want to refresh their approach to Tarot. Anyone is welcome to join. 


You will need to be over 18 and own a Tarot deck to join but I am happy to point you in the right direction with these. You can get some very cheap online! 

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"As a complete beginner to tarot, I’m finding her course so easy to follow. The workbooks are super helpful, it’s nice to be learning along side other people so we can all help eachother out! Nancy is so knowledgeable and passionate about tarot is makes learning super fun and her passion rubs off on you! 10/10" - Roxanne, 1st Cohort

"I truly cannot recommend this course enough. Nancy is a one of a kind teacher; kind, intuitive and inspiring. If you’ve ever felt lost or overwhelmed by tarot, she’ll make it utterly clear and accessible. She teaches in a way that is modern, intersectional, empathetic and completely welcoming to all. Don’t miss out!" - Niamh, 1st Cohort

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