The New Moon

A new moon is a blank slate, a new beginning, another chance. It’s an opportunity to plant seeds, letting them grow over the month before they’re ready for harvest. It’s an opportunity to start anew, having shed the worries of the last cycle, ready for a fresh start. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to make a hundred unwanted Twilight jokes - one I thankfully won’t take.

Tonight, I’ll be pressed against the glass of my bedroom window, watching for the spot in the sky where nothing appears. If you’re like me and sometimes find it tricky to keep up with the cycles of the moon, this is a moment to really fight that. Tuning yourself in with the new moon naturally reminds you of the things that need to be done in your life and, with a little extra kick from ritual and lunar magic, you can find some time over the next few days to set and focus on your intentions for the next month, guiding your life where you want it to go.

This is the process that I’ll be using once the sun sets. As always, find what works for you but feel free to take apart and reassemble any part of this method - we’re aiming for a new beginning after all.

  • First, I find a space that works for me. This can be any area that makes me feel safe and I often find myself wandering around the flat like a dog looking for just the right spot for a nap. Then, I take my trusty athame (though a hairbrush, pencil, wooden spoon or even just your finger works just as well) and cast a circle around myself to make me feel more protected and set the space out as mine.

  • Then, I ground myself. This can be done standing, seated, or lying down. It really doesn’t matter, the magic is going on inside. I focus on breathing deeply, in and out, three times. I let my breath settle and as it drains to a level pool I imagine roots coming out of me and into the earth. I feel them take root in the floor, in the room, in the world beyond, and I let them settle me into the space. I use this method in a lot of my magic; it’s a great way to cut out the noise and prepare for what’s ahead.

  • Next, I will usually turn to my tarot deck although any divination ritual will work. Feel free to grab your pendulums, crystal balls or runes! I do a reading for myself centred on what I need to work on in this moon cycle, using the spread to identify and focus on what I need to work on. New Moon readings are such an incredible way to wipe your mental slate clean and find some real focus for the cycle ahead. If this is the same thing as last month, that’s okay - the moon isn’t going anywhere. I then write down and speak my intention out loud, making it real in the world.

  • After this, I turn to whatever spell or ritual that will help me achieve my intention. You might know what this is as soon as your intention is clear to you or you might be sent running to your spell books or Google. It’s important to take your time and find the right tool for the job. This whole method is about sharpening that focus and intent again and again.

When you’re done, you’ll be in a much better place to visualise your goals and work toward them each day of the new moon cycle. Clarifying your thoughts and needs is difficult and taking the time once a month to reset and restart is a great way to cut out the noise. There’s no time like the present and there’s really no time like the new moon.

If you’d like to kick off your New Moon with a reading with me, then click the link below and book a general reading and specify that you want a New Moon reading in the message. Can’t wait to see you all.

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