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So in another callback to the roaring 20s, we’re facing a pandemic and the world is turning to shit.

People aren’t getting the healthcare they need, our governments aren’t looking after us, the economy is screwed, people are separated from their loved ones and we don’t really know when this will all end. This is our new normal.

I, like a lot of you, am having a hard time adjusting to everything. I’m worrying about everything that’s going on around me and struggling to cope with the lack of structure in my life because when you can spend 24/7 in your pyjamas, it’s really fucking hard to get your shit together.

Like I often do at difficult times, I’ve been turning to my Trusty Tarot Deck for support in bringing some much needed structure back to my life. I’m sharing with you here some of the ways that you can use Tarot to help give you structure at this time and find a moment of peace in the panic.

1. Daily Tarot Card Pulll

Daily Tarot Card pulls are an amazing thing to do at any time but they feel really important for me right now. Every morning, set an alarm at a certain time. Get up, make yourself some tea and sit somewhere comfortable with your deck. Give it a shuffle and pull one card. Think about what you can learn from the card and what you can bring to the rest of your day as you drink your cuppa.

In the evening as you’re getting into bed, grab a notebook and write down how the card impacted your day. Did it tell you anything helpful? Did you learn anything? Did you approach things differently? Scribble it down, turn your light off and go to sleep.

It’s a really simple way to get yourself out of bed in the morning and take time to think about yourself and where you’re at. Magic.

2. Weekly Spread Readings

On Sundays, I like to read a spread for myself looking at what I should be focusing on in the week ahead. Before each reading, I have a nice long bubble bath and settle down in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate to think about what I achieved this week and what I want from the next one. You can create your own ritual before your weekly reading. Maybe you love a bath like me or maybe you want to light some candles and incense. Whatever makes you feel special - do it!

When you feel good and ready, lay out your cards and read your spread. It doesn’t need to be a long and complicated spread, even 2 or 3 cards can sometimes be incredibly helpful! When you feel like you understand what you’re reading, jot whatever you’ve learned down and watch some cartoons, read a book or whatever it is you like to do with your Sunday evenings.

This is a great way to prepare yourself for the week ahead and take some time to do something nice of an evening.

3. Moon Cycle Readings

As we’re all being largely shut off from the outside world right now, another great thing to do is to use Tarot to connect to nature and let its natural cycles give a bit of structure to your life.

The simplest places to begin are the new moon and the full moon. When it’s the new moon, read a spread around setting intentions. It’s a time of potential and a time to plant seeds for the cycle ahead. When it’s the full moon, it’s a time to celebrate achievements and reap what you have sown in the new moon. Use this as a basic guide for what type of questions to ask of your deck.

If you have the energy, build some ritual around it. Cook a hearty meal in celebration of your achievements on the full moon or maybe take an hour to meditate and focus on the new moon.

Whatever works for you, building nature into your tarot practice will help you feel a bit less isolated in these difficult times by connecting you to something a bit bigg

er than yourself. Knowing the moon is still changing as it always has is oddly comforting when your own world feels a bit fucked.

4. Reading with people

You’re not going to see your pals at work right now for your daily whinges at the coffee machine, your friends you normally see for your weekly DnD session or that friendly assistant at your favourite shop. This feels overwhelming and without these little interactions keeping your life together, everything can really feel like it’s falling apart.

Thankfully, we have the internet.

Facetime your friend for a catch up and practice reading a card with them, book a reading with a tarot reader or try and join

some online groups of other people using decks of cards to learn a bit more about themselves. Tarot is a great way to facilitate connection with yourself and those around you. Don’t lose the interactions that give your life structure. Give them a bit of magic and whack them on video.

Now, no one expects you to do all of this all of the time. Sometimes I’m too overwhelmed, busy or just lazy to do any of this stuff. But if you can incorporate even some of these Tarot practices into your day to day right now, you’ll start developing routine again and maybe feel a bit more settled in the madness.

Stay sane witches - I’m here if you need me 🔮

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