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Everyone’s feeling a little stale at the moment. Whether you’re back home with your parents, dealing with children of your own, or finding out that the flat you really thought was a great size isn’t quite the perfect fit for your liferaft away from civilisation, staleness is in the air.

Sure, you’ve tried opening all the windows and using your 60 minutes of outdoors exercise a lot more than you would be usually but sometimes it’s just not enough. Breaking up the monotony of modern life is more important now than ever. As you’d expect from a page like this, here a few of my witchy tips for getting yourself feeling more refreshed, more focused, and a little less likely to kill your roommate over that dirty dish in the sink that’s been there since Friday.

  1. Have a bath. It really is as simple as that. Baths are obviously great anyway, giving you vital alone time and leaving you refreshed from the strains of the day. For an extra kick, make your bath a ritual bath with stuff you have lying around your house. Add some salt for protection, some halved lemons for cleansing and light some candles. Relax into the water and visualise the salt and lemons washing away staleness and giving you a bit of their magic. Feel free to add any additional herbs that suit your purpose.

  1. Smoke cleansing. This practice exists in a huge range of cultures. Take some fresh herbs from the supermarket, cornershop, or if you’re lucky your garden, and dry them out by hanging them upside down for a few days. When they feel dry, light the ends of them and move the herbs around so that the smoke wraps around your body. You can use whatever herbs you like but I like using rosemary for its protective properties. You’ll end up smelling like a herb garden and feeling a bit more magical. There are also scientific benefits to smoke cleansing too. It’s been shown that smoke cleansing removes bacteria and microbes from the air - just make sure you open up your windows or it’ll send you running for the door too.

  1. Meditate. I am not an expert here. I’m terrible at meditation but finding stillness can help you let go of some of the junk clogging up your brain. Stand and ground yourself by imagining roots spreading out from your feet, coating the floor and walls before escaping through the cracks around your windows, taking root in the outside world. Focus on one thing you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel and you will find yourself becoming more present. If you can integrate this into your daily life, little by little, you’ll be much better at clearing out day to day worries that build up and wear you down.

  1. Moon bathing. Another great way to refresh yourself is to use the full moon. Many use the full moon to charge their magical tools, letting tarot decks and athames soak in the light, but fewer think about using it to recharge themselves. Find a window that lets in moonlight, some space in your garden or another safe space outside. Cross your fingers for a cloudless night then spend some time in the full light and reflect. I always find this practice energising and refreshing: hopefully you will too.

  1. Tarot reading. My final piece of advice is to give yourself a tarot reading. Sometimes when you feel like you’re in a slump you lose touch with yourself, your aims and what you need to focus on. A simple tarot reading can help you refocus and regain clarity. Try a simple three card spread if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, looking at the impact of the past, where you’re at now and what you need to bear in mind moving forward.

Of course, no one practice is a cure for everything and it’s important to explore your own approaches to using witchcraft to open up and energise your day to day life. Also, don’t forget the things you learn in this difficult time. We always need a helping hand when we’re feeling stale or down, even when we do have the chance to refresh using the outside world. Remember the little rituals that work for you.

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