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✨Meet the Homebrew Witch✨

I’m Nancy, the Homebrew Witch. I’m a professional Witch, Tarot Reader and founder of the Homebrew Way. 


I used to be completely burnt out. I received a degree in Political Science from the London School of Economics, advised the government and managed corporate relations in funded startups. I was ticking all the boxes in my career but I felt like a complete mess. I began to use the magic and witchcraft that I’d been fascinated with for years in my own way, brewing up an approach that worked for me - that’s when my life started to change. 


I know the real problems people face in their everyday lives and I know firsthand how practical magic can help turn things around. Now, I use my unique, grounded approach to Tarot and traditional English and Celtic magical practices to help my 30+ regular clients reconnect with themselves, find clarity and start living the lives they want.


✨The Homebrew Way✨

Lots of spiritual practitioners use meaningless buzzwords and make outlandish claims that me and my clients find hard to understand, let alone believe. I created the Homebrew Way to provide a practical alternative to the nonsense out there for people that need their magic back. 


My approach uses Tarot and traditional English and Celtic Witchcraft as tools for self-reflection, guidance and empowerment. In my sessions, we will use these tools collaboratively so that you always know what is going on and what we are talking about. Through the Homebrew Way, clients leave my sessions empowered with a sense of clarity, reassurance and the knowledge of where to focus and move forward.


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